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2010-07-24 10:20:49 by BananaTrash




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2010-07-24 11:48:20

Lol, we blam your shit even more than other crews'. You're more like gnomes among men.

BananaTrash responds:




2010-07-24 12:07:43

Yeah, that sucka got his ass handed to him by a foreign outlet one time.

I could kick either of you through the wall.

BananaTrash responds:

lolololollololollolol id luv to see u try
[TT] has the foundation of ex-BarneyBunch member SwellBarney with backing from the Kitty Krew and Sesame Street Gang


2010-07-24 12:24:49

Rofl, I wouldn't care if you had TheStarSyndicate backing you up; your shit's always getting a 0 from me.

(Updated ) BananaTrash responds:

lolololololololololololololololol olololololol

and do i honestly care? all my shit gets through judgement with my "technique" and my crew so you'll just make it easier to get awesome awards like Turd or Underdog.


OH WAIT............. crap. i really need MSN for my spammers


2010-07-24 17:18:56

Not if I give you a low review score; then you're stuck with just Turd of the Week.

Or if the admins delete the other two for being shit, roflmao.

BananaTrash responds:

umm the admins only delete stuff that breaks rules like fileswaps or extremely racist shit (stuff only hardcore crews like the stars do)

lol spammers come in trucks giving great reviews dont forget


2010-07-25 21:41:48

Alright I get it, you see me as hypocritical because I'm voting your stuff down while years ago I participated in some of CoolBoyMan's collections. Well I absolutely agree that the other contributions my stuff was put with in those collections were absolute junk. But at least that junk had some kind of plot, or joke, or at least something more than a loop of music and 30 seconds of effort into the art.

Your stuff (and that of the Internet Masters, the Kitty Krew, etc.) is even WORSE than the worst junk in those collaborations. You guys seem to have this fetish for doing the absolute least effort and getting it past the voting process. So far that formula seems to be: have someone with talent make a preloader/intro for you, and then re-use that intro endlessly to create the appearance of a good flash movie so that the motion tween of some picture and gradients you did in 15 seconds can make it into the portal.

You guys don't even TRY to make something interesting! At least when CoolBoyMan did his collabs the submissions had something funny to share. For example, he told me the theme was to make fun of Blue's Clues, and I put in the 2-3 hours effort necessary to make my impression of a show with Steve as an absolute retard, deliberately drawing the characters to fit in with the general style of the collab. That is EFFORT. And that is why you can go back to it today and still laugh your ass off to it. He and I meet up and he needs one last submission for the Garfield collab, and I put a half hour's effort into drawing a suicidal Garfield that eats lasagna until he explodes (don't know what happened to that one here on the Portal, but I did it). He asks for a Naruto collab, and I put the 2-3 hours effort into a wildly funny flash about Naruto's village being flooded by crap directed by an evil spirit and everyone getting the black plague. He asks for one about American Idol, and I put 2-3 hours of effort into one where a retarded kid from special ed tries to sing.

And it's obvious from most of the collabs (especially the ones I was in) that the other guys put effort into theirs too: how long do you suppose did it take to make the one where Blue goes to the bathroom on the carpet and then rapes Steve? It's still crude, but it's a lot more to show for effort than a flashing background, a motion tween, and some MP3, isn't it?

If you want your crew to be well known on the Portal without pissing people off, make Flash movies that have something to them. It doesn't require the absolute best drawing or motion tweening skills, so long as it's not the worst. Make something worth an NG user's time that has a plot, some humor, some decent animation, and submit it to the portal. If it helps, be original.

If it helps, here are various Flash animations I've done and how long they took overall to do. Hopefully this will show you that you don't need to mass-spam the portal with 15-minute junk to get attention:

The Crap of Death: 10 hours of animation, which included cleaning up some of FatKidWitAJetPak's animation scenes.

The Arthur Collection: my part took 2 hours, including 1 hour animation and 1 hour digging through my MP3s and sound effects library to come up with the scariest and most surreal audio mix I could think of in Sound Forge XP

The USA Idol Collection: my part took 2 hours, 1 hour animation, 15 minutes writing and recording both the speakonia voices and myself doing the most retarded voice I could think of. The indian thing came up when browsing for something to make fun of on iTunes, I stumbled on the exact 30-second sample that you hear in the Flash movie, I thought it was hilarious, and I added it :)

The BluesClues Collection: 3 hours. 10 minutes were spent searching for a MIDI file of the Blues Clues theme, and converting it to WAV. 15 minutes were spent writing the speech and recording with speakonia. The rest of the time was spent animating out the horrific sequence of events you see there. I originally had Steve's house in the middle of a marijuana field for laughs, but Coolboyman removed it for some reason.

Stewart French: Literally based on some MOD file I found on some russian website way back in late 1999 called "steward french". This is an example of what you can do with the brush tool if you are willing to draw something. We (team nerdgrounds) animated what we thought was funny to animate then grew bored of it and ended it with that Monty Python-esque ending. Total work: 5 hours.

3 MORE SBC deaths!: The first half was done in 4 days, most of it trying to come up with a funny yet plausible way for StrawberryClock to die and animating the destruction of my desktop. Then I moved into an apartment where the animation sat for 2 months before I found it and finished off the scenes in 4 days with StrawberryClock climbing inside the CD-ROM drive and getting fried by the CD burner laser. Some little things like motion tweening the wire he was pulling on, and somehow making a text-to-speech engine run out of breath, required quite a bit of experimentation, but it was worth it :)

trace-nstein 3D: This was written in one night, literally starting in the afternoon and finishing at about 5 AM. Most of the time was spent tweaking the raycasting to run at a reasonable speed (for computers at that time) without causing the browser to slow to a crawl (that's why the walls look like ass).

3 SBC deaths: This was animated in one night. Most of the time was spent trying to come up with funny deaths that were within my animation skills. To answer one reviewer's question, the muffled speech can be done in several ways, including playing the WAV through WinAMP with the equalizer set to filter all but low frequencies.

Camcorder simulator #1: This came out of one night's practice with ActionScript 2.0 and the ability to move, create, and duplicate text and objects. I made it a plausible simulation of a video production challenge including the fact that cheap tripods are unbalanced, and... there you go

Night trippin': This is one of those animations that slowly built up over time because I wasn't sure exactly what to animate, but I was sure I wanted to animate something nightmarish to an Echoboy song I caught on MTV some months earlier (I posted it on YouTube for reference: QpBbE). I had just discovered that it's possible to brush paint with bitmaps, so I used that and the "noise" filter in photoshop to imitate that dark gray noisy grain look things have when your eyes are used to the dark. Total animation time: 1 week (yeah, being unsure of your animation is a bitch, huh?)

Down with Pube Muppet!: This one almost didn't make it to the portal, not because of artistic merit but apparently because people thought it was just another pube muppit movie (that's why I so plainly state in the description this is an anti-PM movie). It finally made it to the portal on the 3rd try when I submitted at night, quieted down PM's speech, and added the button to skip to the good part where he gets shaved. Everyone at the time was making dumb "shoot pube muppet" or "spear pube muppit" movies while pro-PM animators were pumping out the same old tired scenario (hello my good man blah blah piece of shit establishment you know the drill), so I wanted to be original and have something well-animated with pube muppit meeting what for him would be a horrible fate---to lose his pubes, and therefore his identity :) This animation took two days.

(continued in next posting)


2010-07-25 22:13:00


NTWIC fun stuff 001: I make fun of the other animators at the time pumping out "Fun stuff #nnn" flash movies (I guess you could call it an early version of the Dailytoons but the Star Syndicate wasn't around then and each submission was it's own entry, not a collection). I also wanted to play around with the bizarre animation style seen in "Angels go bald too", so I experimented with various animation techniques, including rendering text and adding noise then tracing it to vector shapes to get the "dirty typewriter font" look and distorting the short video clips you see there. Then I just ran out of ideas :) Total time, 3 days.

Strawberry Fun with SBCV2: I took the "Strawberry Fun" animation, changed the voice to male, and made references to some asshole who decided to create a "StrawberryClockV2" account and spam the portal with crude brush tool drawings and the same old Clock Crew "vote 5" crap. The picture of Wade was the first one I found, so I used it :)

Strawberry Fun: I started drawing various experimental backgrounds (still there in the final SWF) and then thought about how funny it would be if the "almighty" StrawberryClock were run through a juicer. But doing that immediately would ruin the fun, it has to look like an innocent fun ride until the ultimate fate! Total animation time: 3 days

fun stuff SUX: Still not sure what to animate, I poke fun at retards. Thus Ricky Retard is born. I had just written a computer program at the time that automatically monitors and downloads any new flash submissions that appear on the Portal. As a side effect it also caught a lot of the crappy flash movies that quickly get voted down and blammed, so when I later looked through the SWF files it collected, I saw a lot of crap that had many things in common (which I make fun of in this movie). Note the references to the Portal Potato, which is why Ricky has a clickable poster on his wall. Total time: 4 days

Dances with Arabs #1: This was literally the first flash animation I ever made. I had just dug out of my archives some weird ass show I caught on Public Access, and I figured I'd do something with it in flash. So I did. Total time: 5 days

There you go. And that's the best I can do when I'm often too busy writing computer software to do a lot of Flash animation. I'm sure with the time you spend spamming the portal you could probably do something better than me. So stop trashing the portal. OK?


2010-08-01 19:28:24


BananaTrash responds:

yea i dont get why that clock thinks [TT] really needs to becoming some quality group? does he actually see a bit of potential? i doubt it. [TT] is spam-oriented 100%