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[TT] The Chuggington Collection

2010-06-19 17:59:34 by BananaTrash

I am typing today that later tonight will be the upload of our glorious Newgrounds collection, The Chuggington Collection.

This flash is the greatest effort by [TT] and features our new intro, along with three flashes that will make you think deeply about life. It's like [B], for a new generation.

The Chuggington Collection is the greatest flash ever made and the Trash Troupe are Gods

[TT] The Chuggington Collection


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2010-07-15 09:06:47 hlvj957fr

BananaTrash responds:

where are the hawt naked men? i wanted to see a stinky orgy man ;)

New forum coming soon

This forum will be revolutionary where people can find links to the great software that makes spam such as Speakonia
We will also have a heirarchy of Newb-Trash, Trash, Senior Trash, and Heaps

It will be poopy-rific